Career TEchnical education

What is CTE?

Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careersand to become lifelong learners. In total, about 12.5 million high school and college students are enrolled in CTE across the nation.

Our CTE Pathways

Agriculture Mechanics

  • Introduction to Agriculture Mechanics
  • Advanced Agriculture Mechanics

Agriculture Science Pathway

  • Ag. Biology
  • Veterinary Science

Business Pathway

  • Entrepreneurship (Fall 2020)
  • Virtual Enterprise


  • AP Computer Science - Foundations
  • AP Computer Science A

Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Arts I
  • Culinary Arts II

  • Foundations of Technology and Engineering
  • Advanced Technology and Engineering (Fall 2020)


  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Computer Graphics