Community Service

How to Record Your Community Service Hours

  • [1] All students can submit volunteer hours every year.
  • [2] Once the student has turned in hours for a specific time period he/she may not add any additional hours to that time period.
  • [3] Any signatures not verified by the non-profit agency will not be accepted.
  • [4] Submitted community service hours may only be from July 1 - June 30 of the current school year. Hours from previous school years will not be accepted.
  • [5] Graduating seniors must have completed all of their community service hours by the second Friday of April (senior year).


  • To receive a high school diploma, a minimum of 60 hours must be completed and turned into the Guidance Office 30 days before graduation day
  • A minimum of 400 hours must be completed to receive the Community Service Excellence Award and turned into the Guidance Office 30 days before the Senior Awards Ceremony. Interested students must apply for this award 30 days before the Senior Awards Ceremony. Applications will be available at the Guidance Office.


  • It must be a safe activity directed by a non-profit organization (those with a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt I.D. number from the IRS).
  • It must be a service for which you are not paid or otherwise given credit.
  • The agency or organization may not profit monetarily from your service.
  • Volunteer Activities which currently do not appear on the Pre-Approved Community Service Opportunities List require approval by a CHS Administrator.
  • Community Service maximum hour-per-day guidelines shall be aligned with the CA labor laws specifying that a minor may not work (and receive credit) for more than 8 hours per day.
  • Students may not receive community service credit for volunteer work in private homes due to safety and liability issues.
  • A non-profit supervisor may not sign for hours performed by their own child.
  • Workshops and trainings only qualify for community service credit if it directly leads to a community service activity.
  • Students who are not actively participating during meeting or seminar will not receive community service credit.
  • Hours will not be counted for transportation to and from service event.
  • Hours must be performed in the Carpinteria, Goleta, Santa Barbara area.


  • School Theater, Band, Choir and Cheerleading Performances: Assistance in theater, band, choir and cheerleading-related performances (not part of a cast or class for which credit is given) is limited to the performances, parades, or events, only, not the rehearsals. This applies even if the entire event is a nonprofit fundraiser.
  • Political Campaigns and Elections: working on a candidate’s campaign; working for or against a proposition or ballot measure; working for a political party; or registration of voters does not qualify for community service credit. Students may assist the County Clerk Recorder in preparing for and tabulating results from an election.
  • Church / Religious Organizations: Students may not receive community service credit for church activities that are strictly of a religious nature, for example, teaching religious classes, proselytizing, active recruitment for a religion, serving as an altar person or communion helper. Although students can be a teacher’s assistant or provide childcare during classes, services, or Vacation Bible School. Students may not receive credit for activities that are required for completion of confirmation classes (no double-dipping). Singing in the church choir does not count unless the performance is at an event open to the general public. The ideal volunteer situation in religious institutions is when students perform community outreach as part of a youth group service project (i.e., serving meals at Transition House; stocking shelves at the Unity Shoppe; beach clean-ups; United Way “Day of Caring”. etc.)
  • Boy Scouts: Boy Scout members may not receive community service credit for their own Eagle Scout projects. They may, however, receive credit for hours in which they assist another Boy Scout with his Eagle Scout project.